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Recruiting experienced sales professionals

A business will place an advert online for an experienced Marketing or HR professional and receive over 100 applications. On the same day, they place an advert for an experienced Direct Sales role and receive 2 applications a week. So where are the good Sales professionals?

Believe it or not, you are not the only business looking for experienced Business Development professionals right now. As we leave 2020 behind, many Organisations want to increase their activity rapidly and want to get the best Business Development Executives in as soon as possible. So where are they all and why am I not receiving many applications?

1) It is a very competitive market for BDM’s and they are highly sought after. Most already have 2/3 interviews set up in their first week job searching.

2) Majority of the good Business Development Manager are working and being treated very well at their current Company, for obvious reason.

5 top tips hiring experienced Business Development Managers for your business

Actively promote the position throughout the year – It could be any day that a good Sales executive will start searching for a role and you do not want your competitors to snatch him/her up before you

Salary + Bonus – Ensure that the Salary banding for the role reflects the current job market for a good BDM to apply

Headhunting – It is fair to say that the best candidates for a role are more often than not, those that are not actively looking. A skilled recruiter will have their finger constantly on the pulse of various networks so that they know who the best candidates are, where they are and the right approach and means to draw them out

Ask for referrals – Even if someone is not looking at the moment, a good senior sales executive tends to know other good salespeople. Always ask for referrals.

Know your market – You must always stay on top of your current market and engage and build relationships with the top Business Development Managers within your market. This will make you the go to Organisation whenever they find themselves looking for a new challenge

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